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Java / J2EE
1. Automation of Man power Agency
2. Automation of analysis and Development Management
3. Vendor Information System For Shiping
4. E-Knowledge in Health Care
5. Corporate Asset Maintenance System
6. Customer Care Service
7. Company Information Tracking System
8. Company Security Reporting System
9. Distributed Transaction Proxy
10. Consumer Purchase Management System
11. Medical Prescription System
12. SMS Based Mobile Banking with Security
13. Pre-paid Recharging System

VB.net/C#.net / ASP.net
1. Dyeing Process System
2. Whole Sale Trade Management
3. Automates the Human Resource Procurement System
4. Order Processing System
5. Secured Image URL
6. Smart Knowledge Provider
7. Industrial Based Well-Planned Quality Production
8. Design and development of Web Services for textile management
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C#.net / ASP.net
1. Call Center Management
2. Convolution Filters
3. Data Hiding additional files in a ZIP archive
4. Windows Management Instrumentation WMI Implementation
5. Edge Detection Filters
6. File EncryptionDecryption with Hash Verification in C#
7. Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem using C# and ATL COM
8. Hiding binary data in HTML documents
9. Application of BPCS steganography to wavelet compressed video
10. Hiding Messages in the Noise of a Picture
11. Image Processing
12. Image Processing for The HSL color space
13. Image Processing for Displacement filters, including swirl
14. Image Processing for Bilinear Filters and Resizing
15. Mobile Bluetooth Social Networking
16. My Explorer In C Sharp
17. Neural Network for Unicode Optical Character Recognition
18. Net Banking
19. Asynchronous Transfer Mode
20. Smart Knowledge
21. Steganography for Data Hiding Messages in MIDI Songs
22. Steganography for Indexed Images and their Palettes
23. Steganography for Data Reading and Writing AVI files
24. Steganography Regions Different Data Density
25. Steganography For Multiple Key and Carrier Files
26. TCPIP Chat clientserver Using C#
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