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Yes Boss For Real Estates


        The Project "Yes Boss For Real Estates" automates the operation of a real estate Administration System .Here in this project we are adding the Process and procedures of constructing a building and maintaining the database for it. The main importance of the project is given to the database.

         The main aim of the project is to help the building constructors to maintain their project site details. here the project site details means ,the work place where the constructor is constructing a building ,and the requirements needed for the building ,the worker details ,the office employee details, the salary and the wages paid for the work ,the material purchased for the project site and the voucher maintains for the above mentioned. The project site is first created and then the location, estimation, materials, labors &office workers, salary and wages, material suppliers, Engineer and contractor details are taken into consideration.

        The Final result of this project is to give the Constructor the clear and correct details of what are the process and procedures that have been taken to complete a building.

      The project is done in the .Net Environment .The server side information and the web page design are done through the ASP.net, the client side information is provided with the html, java script and C#. The database is maintained through the SQl Server with Stored Procedures.


The following are the modules covered :

*   Labor Entry

*   Material Purchase Order

*   Employee Salary Entry

*   Agreement Entry

*   Entry Forms And The View

Detailed description of module:

    Labor Entry:

        The Labor entry is made of two sub division, with agreement Value and without agreement value.

        In with Agreement, the transaction is made by creating pre agreement with the contractor regarding the labor type ,the agreement amount to be paid for the labor and the contractor and the care is taken to see the amount paid to the contractor must not exceed the agreement value .the voucher bill is maintained separately.

         In Without Agreement, the transaction is made, by without creating any Agreement values with the contractor and is done on the spot payment And the voucher is issued.

    Material Purchase Order:

        The Material Purchase order is to maintain the purchase of material needed for the building construction. The voucher is made for the material purchased from the supplier. The database maintains of what are the materials are brought, the brand name, the quantity made, the price of the material, and the date the material purchased, according to the Project Site and the blocks of the project site.

    Employee Salary Entry:

         The employee details are maintained in the database and The Employee Salary is made by checking the advance payment of the employee and the remittance is paid after the check. The Voucher is issued to each employee regarding their designation and the salary amount.

     Agreement Entry:

         The Agreement entry is made for the Project site, the Labor and the Contractor according to the conditions.

    Entry Forms And The View:

         The Entry form is maintained for the creation of new entries regarding the labor type, material categories, contractor name and Expenditure type. In the view we are listing the whole project according to the labor type, blocks of the project site, contractor and date vice entry of the project site.




Operating System      :         Windows xp

Web Server               :         Internet Information Server

Database                 :         SQL Server 2005

Server Side Script      :         Asp.Net

Developing tool        :       Microsoft Visual Studio .NET


Desktop Operating System  :       Windows 98,Xp,Vista

Web Browser                     :       Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

Client Side Script               :        Html, Java Script ,C #.

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